2013 Summer Reading

Summer reading recommendations

These are my summer reading recommendations for grades pre-k through middle school.  Enjoy!

Summer reading lists

I’m on a mission to read all the fiction books in my library so that I can make better recommendations to my students.  Here are some of the books I decided to read this summer.

Summer reading list update

These are my thoughts on three of the books on my list: Witness, A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Kingdom and Jasper Jones.

Summer reading list update continued

These are my thoughts on the next three books on my list: P.S. Be Eleven, Lincoln’s Grave Robbers and Out of the Dust.

Summer reading list III

These are my thoughts three more summer reading books: Robe of Skulls, One White Dolphin and Kira Kira.

Summer reading: Jefferson’s Sons

Another summer reading favorite!


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