The Sneetches and other Stories, by Dr. Seuss

Published January 3, 2013 by Dagmar

sneetchesOne of my favorite Seuss books and always a great read aloud for my fourth through sixth graders who tell me that even though they’re older, they still like to be read to.  In fact, my older readers love listening to the Sneetches every year.  This year, I included the other stories, which they really liked.  Included are The Zax, about a north-going Zax and a south-going Zax who stubbornly won’t budge when they find each other blocking their way.  (reminscent of today’s Congress – a fact not lost on our teachers as I read the book.)  Too Many Daves about Mrs. McCave who had 23 sons and named them all Dave.  Lastly, What am I Scared of?  “Then I was deep within the woods, When, suddenly, I spied them.  I saw a pair of pale green pants With nobody inside them!


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