Tuesday, by David Wiesner

Published January 23, 2013 by Dagmar

TuesdayI’m always happy to hear recommendations from fellow librarians.  This latest recommendation from my friend Helen was a huge hit with my second graders.  David Wiesner’s Tuesday is a wordless book that made my students laugh out loud.  The text begins, with four simple words, “TUESDAY EVENING, AROUND EIGHT.”  There are three panels of a peaceful pone and a turtle.  The next two pages show flying frogs on lily pads.  As you turn each page, you find very funny pictures of the frogs and lily pads flying through the town.  Students are roaring with laughter at this point. Then, you see police detectives examine lily pads lying on the road.  The next page of the book says, “NEXT TUESDAY, 7:58 P.M.”  You see the side of a barn with the shadow of a pig.  When the kids realize that now pigs will be flying through town, they are rolling on the rug laughing.  The last page of the book shows, you guessed it, flying pigs.  Such a fun, creative book.


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