Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse, by Leo Lionni

Published February 13, 2013 by Dagmar

alexanderWritten in 1969, this is a timeless book about friendship. Leo Lionni’s beautiful and colorful illustrations make the book come alive. My kindergartners loved this book. I hope you will as well.

Alexander is a mouse who is constantly being chased when he looks for food. One day, he finds another mouse, Willy. Willy is a wind-up mouse who is loved by the family, because he is a toy. Alexander and Willy become good friends, but Alexander is jealous that Willy is so loved while he, Alexander, is so hated. Willy tells him that he can go talk to a chameleon in the yard who can turn him into a wind-up mouse. When Alexander finds Willy in a box of old toys to be thrown away, Alexander’s mission to join his friend becomes even more urgent. Read this great book to find out how it all works out.


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