If I Never Forever Endeavor, by Holly Meade

Published April 27, 2013 by Dagmar

If you knowIf I Never a child that is struggling with taking risks or overcoming a fear, this is an inspiring book.  I share this with my grades, 2nd through 6th but think it works best with 2-4th graders.  I had a great experience reading it to my third graders recently.  They were drawn in by the words, written in verse, and the simple but beautiful illustrations of a yellow bird, green trees and a blue sky.

“If in all of forever, I never endeavor to fly, I won’t know if I can…I won’t know if I can’t.  On the one wing, I could try and find that I flap and I flail, flounder and plummet, look foolish and fail.  On the other wing, I could try and take flight…If I did endeavor, and found my wings clever, I could see the world! Or get lost in it.”

I think this book really works with kids, because it acknowledges the fears that come with taking risks but also explores the possibilities and opportunities if risks are taken.  After I read this book, we had a great discussion as a class of times when students took risks.  They also talked about risks they were still scared to take.  I love this book, because it is thought-provoking at the same time it is comforting and uplifting.


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