The Pencil, by Allan Ahlberg

Published May 5, 2013 by Dagmar

“Once there wThePencilas a pencil, a lonely little pencil, and nothing else.”  So begins the pencil’s drawing career.  First he draws a boy, named Banjo, then a dog, named Bruce.  When the boy asks the pencil to draw a cat, the pencil hesitates – and rightly so.  The dog chases the cat, named Mildred.  The cat asks for a mouse.  The Pencil says “no”.  The pencil draws a paintbrush, named Kitty, that colors everything in.  It’s not long before everyone the pencil draws needs something or complains about something.  So, the pencil cleverly draws… an eraser.  But then the eraser goes crazy and erases absolutely everything…until the pencil draws another eraser.  They were named Ronald and Rodney.

This very funny book was illustrated by Bruce Ingman.  Highly recommended for older readers.


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