Keeper of Soles, by Teresa Bateman

Published May 13, 2013 by Dagmar

I’ve read thikeeperofsoless book to fourth grade through sixth grade audiences.  I love the double entendre as well as the great illustrations by Yayo.  Clever and funny, this book is wonderful for older audiences.

The Grim Reaper appears at a shoemaker’s door one night asking for the shoemaker’s soul.  As any good shoemaker would do, the shoemaker looked at Death’s feet and noticed that Death was barefoot.  Cleverly, the shoemaker suggests a pair of sandals to cover Death’s feet.  Snatching Death’s scroll of names out of his hand, the shoemakers sketches a pattern and says he’ll see Death in four weeks.  This so confuses Death, that he goes along with the plan.  He appears year after year, each time getting more and more shoes for his wardrobe until Death finally announces that he has come for the shoemaker’s soul and won’t be denied.  The shoemaker cleverly points out that he has given Death sole after sole.


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