Too Tall Houses, by Gianna Marino

Published May 20, 2013 by Dagmar

Tall Tall HousesI was drawn to this book because of the really beautiful illustrations and was so happy that my 2nd graders loved this book. The animals’ expressions are incredibly well drawn. My students giggled when they saw Owl’s face as Rabbit poured water on his head. There is one page that made all my students say, “ooohh”.

Rabbit and Owl live next to each other. Rabbit grows vegetables, and Owl likes to look into the forest.  Everything is going well until Rabbit’s corn grows too tall. The friends begin to build their houses taller and taller until their houses are high above the earth.  Now Rabbit can’t carry water to his plants and Owl can’t see the forest.  When everything comes tumbling down, Rabbit and Owl figure out that they can build one small house together.

I loved it!  Enjoy!


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