Hilda Must Be Dancing, by Karma Wilson

Published June 22, 2013 by Dagmar

hildaThis book is really fun.  I read it to my preschoolers and kindergartners, and they love it.  Full of onomatopoeias, you can have a blast reading this one aloud.

Hilda loves to dance, a LOT!  Unfortunately, for everyone else around her, Hilda’s dancing causes the jungle floor to shake.  “While Hilda danced flamenco in her favorite pair of heels, bananas fell in gooey heaps, shaken from their peels! Swisha-Swisha, Clap! Clap! Jump, Jump, Jump!  ‘Hilda must be dancing!’ cried the monkeys from the trees.  ‘Perhaps she’d take up knitting if we asked her, pretty please?’ ”

Enjoy the very colorful and bright illustrations by Suzanne Watts and definitely enjoy Hilda’s dancing!


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