Wilfred, by Ryan Higgins

Published October 22, 2013 by Dagmar

This book hit a home run with my second graders.  It’s a story of friendship and loyalty.  I absolutely love the suspense that kept my students on the edge of their seats.  My students were engaged from the moment I started reading.  This is a great book with wonderful illustrations, and is one of my favorites of the new picture books I bought for this year.

WilfredWilfred is a (very cute) big hairy giant who wants a friend.  He goes to a village and scares everyone, except a brave boy.  He and the brave boy become fast friends.  However, the village is a village of bald people who covet the big hairy giant’s fur.  They ask Wilfred for his fur, and good-hearted Wilfred gives it to them.  Now, freezing in the cold winter, Wilfred can’t come out and play.  He has to stay in his cave to keep warm by a fire.  The boy, searching for his friend, gets lost in a snow storm.  Wilfred hears his cries and leaves his warm cave to try to save the boy.  The villagers find Wilfred and the boy in the snow. Wilfred is wrapped around the boy, trying to keep him warm.  Seeing this incredible act of loyalty, they realize that Wilfred is a good giant who needs his fur back.

You won’t regret buying this book.  Enjoy.


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