Okay for Now, by Gary D. Schmidt

Published November 10, 2012 by Dagmar

okayfornowThis is a story of resilience and hope told by a main character whose matter of fact, funny and touching storytelling are memorable. An incredible book. Highly recommended for middle school.

Synopsis: It’s the late sixties. Doug is a Yankees fan who lives in a family with an abusive dad, a brother in Vietnam, another abusive older brother and a mom with a beautiful smile. When his father loses his job, the family moves to Marysville, NY, in the Catskills. Doug finds a friend, a mentor and the drawings of John Audubon. Doug manages to make an incredible number of friends, even when it seems all the odds are against him. The adults of Maryville and his one friend rally to his side in small, believable ways. Most incredible is Doug’s ability to see and recreate the beauty of the Audubon prints he sees in the library.


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