Conspiracy 365 series, Gabrielle Lord

Published November 12, 2012 by Dagmar

conspiracy365If your middle schooler/tween is looking for action and excitement, this may be the series you’ve been looking for.  In this 12 part series, beginning with January and ending with December, there is non-stop action and suspenseful endings that keep you wanting more.  These books are less than 200 pages, also making them appealing for reluctant readers, and are numbered backwards from page 185 to 1.

Synopsis: Cal is a 15 year old boy whose father died from a mysterious virus.  Cal lives with his mother, his little sister and his uncle.  One day, Cal is stopped by a stranger and told to go into hiding for 365 days, or else.   Suddenly, Cal is in almost constant danger and is even accused of trying to kill his little sister.  Cal is forced into hiding, helped by his loyal and brainy friend, Boges.  Cal suspects that the work his father was doing in Ireland before his death is at the bottom of this mystery.  It’s up to Cal and his friend Boges to discover the secret behind the Ormond Singularity.  The final book, December, leaves you wanting for more.  Luckily, there are two more books that have been written for the Australian market and will hopefully be printed in the U.S.  The first, Revenge, is written from Boges’ point of view.  The second follow-on book is called Malice.  Stay tuned!


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