The Perfect Nest, by Catherine Friend

Published November 13, 2012 by Dagmar

the perfect nestWhat a funny and fun read aloud with a very satisfying ending.  This is your chance to accents and animation.  If you do, you’re sure to get lots of laughs.  Perfect for 2nd grade read alouds.
Synopsis: A cat named Jack loves eggs and omeletes.  So, he makes the perfect nest so that birds will come and lay their eggs.  When the birds find the nest, they love it.  In fact, Jack finds that the Spanish-speaking chicken, the French duck and Southern goose love it so much, they argue about who will get the nest.  Jack solves the problem by telling them about another “perfect” nest at the next farm.  The birds race to claim the next nest, leaving their eggs behind.  When the eggs hatch, Jack has a whole new problem to deal with.


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