The Perfect Present, by Fiona Robertson

Published November 16, 2012 by Dagmar

perfectpresentWith messages about friendship and just the right amount of suspense this wonderful book really captured the attention of my 2nd graders.   The book is broken up into small chapters, which I think add to the suspense.  I enjoyed the simple illustrations.

Synopsis: It’s Henry’s birthday.  He is just about to open a special birthday present from his pet duck, Spot, when his grandparents arrive with a pet puppy.  Henry forgets all about Spot’s present and rushes off to play with his new puppy.  Spot is disappointed and thinks that Henry no longer needs him, now that he has a new puppy as a pet.  Spot runs away.  While trying to cross a river in a storm, Spot gets stuck in a tree.  Luckily, Henry’s new dog tracks Spot to the river.  Using the fishing rod Spot bought for him, Henry is able to save both his puppy and Spot.  Henry and Spot agree that the puppy can be their perfect pet.


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