Lucy Dove, by Janice Del Negro

Published November 17, 2012 by Dagmar

lucydoveLucy Dove is terrific read aloud for 3rd-5th graders that will keep even those who think they’re too old for read aloud hanging on your every word.  I love the illustrations, especially when I turn the page and students see the picture of the bogle.

Synopsis: A superstitious laird hears that he’ll find good luck if someone can sew a pair of trousers in the moonlight in the graveyard at St. Andrew’s church.  Many men have gone to the graveyard at night and have disappeared.  Lucy Dove is an old seamstress who was fired from the laird household, because she stitches too slowly.  She wants to win that bag of gold, so that she can buy herself a house by the sea for her retirement.  She bastes together cloth into a pair of trousers and goes to the churchyard at midnight to sew the pieces together.  The monster (bogle) that appears in the moonlight is, indeed, scary and threatening.  But Lucy, in her very cool manner, lets him know that he’s no big deal.  The story ends in an exciting chase scene.


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