Baby Beluga, by Raffi

Published July 7, 2013 by Dagmar

babybeluga3This book was the book that made my kindergarten class sing last year.  Baby Beluga is a great song song by children’s musician, Raffi.  The book is part of the Raffi Songs to Read series.  I love to sing, and singing Baby Beluga with a crowd of kindergartners is absolutely the best.  We created hand movements and sang this book at every class time.  The kids brought tears to my eyes when they performed Baby Beluga with their teacher at an assembly.  I love “singing” this book to any young child.

This book follows the song exactly as it is sung.  Check out Raffi singing the song on YouTube to hear how the song goes. The illustrations by Ashley Wolff are sweet.  Best yet, this inspired an interest in whales in my library!  Off we were to discover more about Beluga whales, blue whales, gray whales and more!  If you like to sing, Baby Beluga may just be the book for you.


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