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My Teacher is a Monster!, by Peter Brown

Published November 1, 2014 by Dagmar

teacher monsterPeter Brown, author of You Will Be My Friend and Children Make Terrible Pets, has written a new book that was a big success with my kindergarten students.

Running into your teacher outside school can be fun.  Or, if you think your teacher hates you, it can be “a terrible surprise.”

Ms. Kirby is always yelling at Bobby, especially when Bobby flies paper airplanes in class.  Ms. Kirby stomps, and she roars.  Ms. Kirby even looks just like a monster.  Bobby runs into Ms. Kirby sitting on a bench reading a book.  Not knowing quite what to do, and feeling awkward, Bobby sits next to her on the bench.  Suddenly, a gust of wind blows Ms. Kirby’s favorite hat off her head.  Bobby runs to catch Ms. Kirby’s hat.    Ms. Kirby is so grateful to Bobby that she thanks him and then shows him how she likes to quack with the ducks at the park.  Bobby decides to show Ms. Kirby his favorite part of the park.  Sitting at the top of a hill in the park, Ms. Kirby has an idea.  She pulls out a piece of paper and gives it to Bobby.  Bobby quickly folds it into an airplane and launches it.  It’s the best paper airplane flight ever.   Bobby and Ms. Kirby each decide the other is not so terrible.  In fact, Ms. Kirby starts looking like an actual teacher, instead of a monster.  It’s a great resolution…until Bobby throws a paper airplane in class.

I love Peter Brown’s dedication, “To misunderstood teachers and their misunderstood students.”  Have fun with this one!

Creepy Carrots!, by Aaron Reynolds

Published January 3, 2013 by Dagmar

creepycarrotsYes.  Carrots can be creepy, very creepy.  Jasper Rabbit’s passion for carrots gets him in trouble.  I tried this book with younger listeners and didn’t get much of a reaction.  Then, I tried it with my older students who loved it.  I love the great illustrations by Peter Brown.

Synopsis: Jasper Rabbit loves carrots and heads for Crackenhopper Field where he finds plenty of carrots to eat and eats them constantly. Until one day, when he starts to think that the carrots are following him.  Everywhere he looks, there are shadows of carrots that only he sees.  Finally, so spooked by the carrots, Jasper takes action and rids himself of the carrots once and for all, much to the carrots’ delight.

This book won a Caldecott Honor in 2013.