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Little Blue and Little Yellow, by Leo Lionni

Published May 19, 2013 by Dagmar

littleblueI’m a big fan of Leo Lionni’s books.  They are timeless.  This is a wonderful pre-k book that never fails with my preschool and kindergarten students.  In this book, Leo Leonni blends colors to create a story of friendship and family.  His ripped paper art is creative and appealing to young audiences.

Little blue has lots of friends, but little yellow is his best friend.  One day, little blue goes out looking for little yellow.  When they finally find each other, they hug and become one green dot.  They go on all sorts of adventures together but when they go home to their families, their families don’t recognize them.  It isn’t until they both cry that their tears turn them back into blue and yellow.  The families recognize their children and everyone hugs, going from blue and yellow to green.

First the Egg, by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Published May 4, 2013 by Dagmar

FirsttheeggThis is a Caldecott Honor Book and a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book. I am drawn to this book, because the simple life cycle concepts and great illustrations.  The illustrations appear to be oil paint on canvas.  Not only are the colors really vibrant and attractive, but cut outs on the page create additional visual interest.

The book starts with “First the Egg” and on the next page “then the Chicken”.  Each life cycle covers three stages, so we start with the egg, then then chick, then the chicken.  The book goes on to include frogs, flowers and butterflies.  I like the page that turns words into stories and paint into pictures.  The final page brings the book full circle by saying “First the chicken” followed by “First the Egg”.

This book makes an great read aloud, because there are so many opportunities to interact with students.  I really like that the book shows three stages of the life cycle.  I highly recommend this book for prek through first grade as a read aloud.

Where’s Walrus, by Stephen A. Savage

Published January 28, 2013 by Dagmar

wheres walrusIf you want to really get those preschoolers shrieking, read them Where’s Walrus.  There are almost no words, just a walrus they have to find on each page.  I didn’t realize exactly how amusing this book would be with our preschool class, but my goodness it was popular!  Walrus is hiding in very funny place, as a dancer, as a bricklayer, as a painter in a park.  That tricky walrus sure does know how to get children to laugh.  The illustrations are great, like cutouts, with beautiful, bright colors, grey, red, yellow and teal.  Highly recommended for young children.